cnops assure

A leading insurance company, managing around 3 Millions customer base, targeted to provide services to its members and care producers through mobile terminals, such as follow-up of refunds and cares. The aim is to ensure the right to information and to promote proximity and quality of service to the insured.


  • Requirements for very attractive design and highly ergonomic workflow
  • Leverage appropriate data presentation and search techniques so that the user could retrieve desired information in the minimum of clicks
  • Covering the most important mobile platforms: Android, Apple, Microsoft


The solution is made of 2 mobile applications (One for insured members and one for care producers) deployed on the stores and a web administration tool. This system enabled highly interactive services for the benefit of members:

  • Consultation of the administrative situation of the insured and their dependents;
  • Monitoring of reimbursement of medical records;
  • Track supported hospitalization: dialysis, cancer, ophthalmology, etc.
  • Monitoring Supported expensive drugs admitted
  • Drug Guide (and generic) with readable bar codes
  • Compare prices of acts among several care producers according to the National Reference Price
  • Sending claims or request for information with the possibility to attach documents;
  • Useful addresses with geo-locations
  • Prevention messages on the main pathologies affecting target populations.
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