Deploy a public mobile application to enable citizens to report about issues they encounter on their way, like overflowing garbage, pollution or damage on the roadway. This project aimed to empower the participation of citizens to the endeavour towards improving the quality of their city’s environment and infrastructure.


Requirement for precise and structured data that helps to identify and process the incidents, yet the application should be attractive and simple to use as it targets a large non expert users base


The implemented platform is compound of a mobile application deployed on the stores and a Web BackOffice application to collect, process and analyse reported incidents:

  • On the mobile, incident reporting form can be filled in within few seconds with only 3 list selection fields and little or no writing
  • The citizen detects anomaly, captures data, pictures and transmits via Mobile
  • Geographical position and address of the citizen is automatically captured and sent to the BackOffice
  • The BackOffice administrator receives notification, displays the incident and assigns it to concerned service
  • The assigned technician intervenes to solve the issue. Captures intervention reports and send it via mobile. The citizen is notified accordingly
  • The Management is able to display dashboard and generate analysis and statistics reports
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