September 10, 2013

MASTERLAND is a modular, flexible and highly configurable platform designed to serve the need of field teams such as sales, maintenance, distribution, etc. It includes a Web BackOffice application and a Mobile application enabling to digitise and mobilise business processes in a quick and efficient way.

The corner stone of this solution is the fact that there are fundamental similarities among business requirements for workers that operate remotely:

  • They need to have a planning or roadmap for their operations
  • They would visit geographical sites that can be points of sales, Equipment, construction sites, Distribution clients, etc.
  • They would need information about the visited sites like sales performance, equipment status and previous interventions, delivery conditions, etc.
  • They would need to report about their visit by capturing in a form that should follow some business rules
  • They should be able to work whether online and offline, in order to avoid being trapped by the network fluctuations
  • The team supervisors would need to follow-up workers’ operations and get the status of their operations
  • The collected data need to be analyzed and reports to be generates
  • The collected data need eventually to be transmitted to a client’s backend system to be exploited according to the client’s business processes

So MASTERLAND aims to cover these fundamental requirements through a lifecycle of 6 steps

  1. Setting users, Configure all sites characteristics. Configure reporting forms including fields structure, fields natures such as text, numeric, choice list, date, photo, etc. , business rules such as
  2. Mandatory, Optional, Conditional, Maximum value, Minimum value, etc.

  3. Plan operations for every team member by setting roadmap or planning. In every visit, the user gets the forms that need to be captured in. These elements are then pushed to users’ terminals
  4. Field users can consult site data, Select task corresponding to visited site, Fill in corresponding forms, then send data. These operations can be done whether in offline or online mode
  5. The team supervisor follows-up the execution of tasks via reports in tabular form or on the MAP.
  6. Received data is controlled according to defined business rules, Irregular data triggers the generation of alerts or warnings. There are also alerts on events such as: task overdue or non closed roadmap

  7. The collected data can be analysed through an embedded BI tool. The user can define the report structure based on any set of fields from reporting forms. The generated reports can be in tabular form. There are also interfaces to generate graphical and MAP reports

MASTERLAND can be integrated with a client’s backend to feed it with collected data. In many installations, we have add customised plugins in MASTERLAND’s backoffice to manage client’s specific business processes

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